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In a time of significant medical break-through, the question still remains, can today’s medicine helps towards the obesity problem many people face? For example – Xenical was originally a prescription capsule only prescribed to adults who suffer from obesity, and recently, the FDA approved a new lighter version of Xenical – Alli. Both products contain Orlistat, a lipase inhibitor that stops your body absorbing fatty contents.

The way this works is you simply take the diet pills after your meals, and the Orlistat will reduce the level of fat that’s broken down in your belly and prevents up to 30% of the calories in your food from being absorbed into your body. It will result in the fats being expelled from your body in a natural manner (faces), and since your body takes in fewer calories you end up losing weight.

Xenical diet pills sounds promising for people that have difficulties maintaining a healthy diet. But keep in mind, Orlistat, will only be prescribed to adults with a BMI in excess of 30kgm². So if you’re not severely obese, Xenical/Alli may not be a good option for you. But you can always consult with your doctor to find out for sure. And these pills come with some worrying side effects.

People have reported some bad side effects from using Orlistat products. The side effects include uncontrollable anal discharges, so when you feel like farting try your best to hold it off, because you might feel a wet sensation that will easily seep through your trousers or jeans. So taking this diet pill could ruin your cloths as well as putting you through some embarrassing situations.

Other effects are oily stools, bowel movement, diarrhea, rectal pain, liver inflammation and fatigue. When you put all these things into consideration, products that contain Orlistat may not be the best option. I mean, who would want to suffer through these side effects. I understand people are desperate for good weight loss but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

However there are ways in which you can use Orlistat based products without experiencing horrible side effects, For example Alli has a strict dieting plan which you have to follow in order to have a side effect free weight loss. It involves eating light healthy meals which contain little calories and also regular exercising to enhance your weight loss as well as your level of fitness.

The truth is Products like Alli look easy but in reality they require as much work as any other weight loss and dieting plan, if you’re someone who can commit to a hard weight loss plan for a long period than diet pills like Alli may work for you however if you’re someone who just wants a easy way to lose weight than I would highly recommend that you look for other options.

With the market expanding rapidly you can find loads of diet pills, you can even find diet pills on the market that have more benefits than Orlistat products in terms of reducing fat intake, but with out any side effects. Proactol is a great new weight loss supplement that binds up to 30% fat from our foods, to prevent your body from absorbing more fat, thus helps reduce your overall weight.

Proactol consists on a patented fiber complex, that rather than just preventing fatty contents from being absorbed, it binds them into a viscous solution in the stomach. So basically you take in fewer calories without the cost of experiencing any embarrassing side effects unlike the Xenical and Alli pills. And Proactol usually gets great feedback which is a good sign of showing how effective it is.

When you compare the dozens of diet pills available, Proactol is the only one that can back up its claims of effectiveness. In various clinical trials it has proven to be a very good alternative to Xenical and Alli. As with most diet pills, you will see better results only if you combine it with good exercising as a daily activity.

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Most of us are familiar with the name Reductil. Its chemical name is Sibutramine. It was approved by FDA i.e. Food and Drug administration in November 1997 for the treatment of obesity. The main function of Reductil is to reduce the appetite. In other words, it reduces our desire of food. Though Reductil is obesity treatment, and obesity is all about extra fat, buy Reductil reduce the desire of eating all kinds of food. Another interesting thing about Reductil is that its mechanism of action is very similar to antidepressants, but it didn’t show any positive results against depression.

Reductil reduce your hunger for food does not mean killing the desire to eat food completely. It is an excellent help for those who just cannot control themselves when it comes to food. It is not like you just take Reductil and will get rid of extra fat. There is a strong need of having control over what you eat. It will be a good help for eating less, but you need to choose what to eat and what to avoid.

Though Reductil is approved by FDA as a treatment for obesity, but not every obese person is recommended to take it. There are several conditions when Reductil should be avoided. Unfortunately, obese person usually has those conditions when Reductil should be avoided. For example – Obese person is more prone to coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, serious arrhythmias, previous myocardial infarction etc. And any person suffering from this problem is not recommended to take Reductil. Besides these problems, any person suffering from hypertension, depression, mania, hypersensitivity to the drugs, any kind of arterial disease, stokes, hyperthyroidism, seizure disorders, enlarged prostate gland, pheochromocytoma etc. Is not advised to take Reductil. Pregnant and lactating women must avoid it. Any person taking antidepressant should avoid it. All people below 18 years and above 65 years should stay away from Reductil.

Not only has this Reductil showed a number of side effects. Some of them worth mentioning here are increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, dry mouth, paradoxically increased appetite, nausea, strange taste in the mouth, trouble sleeping, dizziness, upset stomach, headache, constipation, drowsiness, menstrual cramps/pain, flushing, or joint/muscle pain. Some of the infrequent, but existing side effects are cardiac arrhythmias, paresthesia, mental/mood changes (e.g., Excitement, restlessness, confusion, depression, rare thoughts of suicide). It may happen that you require urgent medical attention after taking Reductil. These situations or symptoms are seizures, melena, hematemesis, jaundice, problems urinating, abnormal bruising or bleeding, fever and rigors, abnormal vision, chest pain, hemiplegia, dyspnea and edema.

In spite of having many possibilities of side effects and several conditions where Reductil is no-no, it was approved by FDA. Why? Because Reductil is an effective appetite controller. When Reductil intake is mixed with fat free diet and regular body exercise, the results seen are awesome. Remember, as many tools and weapons you have, the better it is to fight extra fat. Definitely is the right way to go with.

No doubt, going for branded Reductil is good, but going with generic Reductil is ever better. It is better for your pocket, and you can save upto 90%, which is a big deal. You can hire a trainer for yourself with this money you saved on generic Reductil. A word of caution while buying generic Reductil… You must ensure you are buying it from reputed company selling Reductil manufactured by reputed manufacturer.

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Weight loss, everyone is talking about it. Huge pile of websites out there to advise on weight loss. Tons of diet plans are suggested. Every guy seems weight loss and fitness advisor. I also know the weight loss techniques. It is easier to advice than following them. Ask those who are struggling with their fat reduction for years. Many guys succeed but fat come back again quickly. Once you put on weight, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it, at least permanently. What’s special about this article? What new this article is going to tell? These are the thoughts a normal guy have when looking out for some weight loss help. They know the common methods like.. Eat less fat, do exercises etc. But doing these things actually is a difficult job. If you are the one in this situation then this article should help in some basic ways.

It will be a good idea to know the various options you have. The more options you learn about, better it will be for you to choose the right method(s) for yourself. Everyone knows the core idea for weight loss… Burn body fat, and take no additional fat. In other words… Do exercise and avoid fatty foods. But the simple it sounds like is not what it actually is when it comes to implementation. Burning body fat is like hell for obese guys, and forget about zero fat diet, it is not possible. So, learning about more options and looking them closely is important.

Before moving forward, please remember that reducing extra fat is important for you in every expect. It is important for your own health (your heart, liver, stomach, body muscles, blood and what not), your social image (what girls or boys think about you when it comes to love or date with you etc.), Your work efficiency (working efficiency is directly linked with work output and hence money you can earn, and recognition you get), and your own comfortability of doing routine jobs. In other words, it is important for you in every way. Can you think of some situation where being obese is helpful? May be when you want your friend to hang in the air on see-saw.

Burn body fat and eat no additional fat is going to be the very first advice forever. So, you need to go bit close to these two things. But before doing so, please know yourself in respect to these two things. Find out those exercises which you can genuinely do for a life long time. For some going zym may be the right choice, and for rest it is not. Zym is a boring place to burn fat. Try some outdoor game. Look yourself, think the game you genuinely like to play. Engage yourself by joining some sports club or a part of the team of your favorite game. By doing so you’ll get support from inside (your love for gaming) and from outside (your fellow team guys). See yourself if can go for some awesome exercises like resistance training which is an important part of fat burning.

Similarly, look yourself closely with respect to eating. What diet plan you can stick for the rest of your life. Starving is simply NO for everyone. Look for food options which you like most and are fat free. The natural fruits and vegetables are superb in taste and have low calories as well. There are tons of recipes to choose from. Just look at them closely and pick the foods which you actually like and have low fat or no fat. If you succeed in doing these two things then you can consider half of the battle is won.

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When you are done with picking fat burning exercise made for you (the one you can go with for your rest of life), and the perfect fat free diet for yourself (the one which you can love for your life and is fat free), then it will be wise to look around for additional help for fast results. Here comes the role of external medication and supplements. Weight loss is a very common problem for ages. Doctors and scientists have gone a long way to help people fight extra fat. There are several medicines have developed, and they are in the market with numerous names. But the basic idea behind these prescribed and non-prescribed medications are limited. Here lets look over the most common and popular basic ideas.

First one I’ll like to talk about those medicines which make people feel full even when they are hungry. These medicines work by reducing your craving. This means that they eat less. And if you combine this with fat free food, then think about the results. They are quick no doubt. One example of medicine based on this formula is Reductil. It is prescribed treatment for quick weight loss. According to studies, people reduce weight three times with Reductil than without it, assuming diet plan and exercise routine same. The benefit of this method or these medicines is that they don’t let you feel situation like you are hungry, food is in front of you, and you can’t eat. It is advised to consult your doctor before you actually start taking any medicine. It is important to avoid any big or minute risk.

The second common idea isn’t letting people know that they are hungry. It is different from the one above. Above is the one which makes people feel full, and this idea makes people think not hungry. The medicines based on this principle blocks the receptors which tells the brain that you are hungry. So your body still sends signals that it is hungry but your brain does not receive them. Again, nice idea. You are not feeling hungry so no urge for food, and whatever you eat is fat free. One popular example of medicine made on this principle is Acomplia.

One common thing about these two basic principles on which several medicines are made is that they make people perceive different situations than actually it is. Though several studies have conducted so far on the medications based on these two principles, and there is nothing wrong found with them, still letting the brain know different situation than actually it is, is somewhat risky. Scientists have discovered some side effects, and have already announced precautionary things with these medications. One simple yet very effective precaution is to take plenty of water.

Besides these two common principles, I’ll like to talk about one more which seems to be better than these two. The third principle hasn’t let the body absorb fat anymore. As said in part one of this article, it is almost impossible to restrict your diet completely fat free. It is possible that you eat a low fat diet, but fat free is almost impossible. So, why don’t go for low fat food with those medicines which don’t let your body absorb any fat. This way your diet will be fat free. And this principle is not doing to mislead your brain as well. Excellent example of medicine based on this idea is Xenical, and it is very popular all over the world.

So, we can conclude the ideal path to get rid of extra fat and live healthy for the rest of your life is based on three things – the food or diet you choose for the rest of your life, the exercise you engage yourself for the rest of the life, and the medicine you may opt for getting fast results. Please note that going for medication can be recommended for a limited time, till you don’t come to good shape. They are not recommended for whole life. Take them as extra help in getting faster results. Good luck.

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A lot of individuals buy Hydroxycut, which had been on the list of most reliable weight loss pills to have actually been created. It’s helped a huge number of individuals to lose weight easily. The final results with the old formulation Hydroxycut were so persuading that immediately after it was launched on the market and customers started to be informed of it, numerous other corporations began producing their very own variation of the slimming pill.

The preferred slimming pill was nicknamed the “granddaddy of all fatburners” by its dedicated users, and remained on the top of the list of the best weightloss pills ever manufactured. Individuals just about everywhere wished to buy Hydroxycut and experience the results on their own. Many popular superstars would buy Hydroxycut and give open testimonials to how powerful and effective it was, which made Hydroxycut even more popular.

Nonetheless, the popularity of Hydroxycut was halted as a critical ingredient was later on banned by the FDA. The ingredient in question is ephedra, which had been frequently utilized in many healthcare procedures as a remedy for several conditions. The compound was applied in many hospitals as remedy for asthma since it allows patients to breathe in simpler by relaxing the bronchial tubes. It had been utilized in the original Hydroxycut formula as a thermogenic for raising a particular person’s metabolic rate. It’s also a stimulant that provides the entire body sorely needed vitality for physical exercise. The combination of fat-burning qualities present in the old Hydroxycut, combined with ephedra’s contributions, rendered the original item extremely efficient.

Ever since the FDA ban, Hydroxycut began utilizing various other components to constitute for the loss of ephedra. Are these new elements as efficient? The new formulation for Hydroxycut contains l-carnitine and hydroxycitric acid, two ingredients which are great for fat burning and blocking carbohydrates. Chromium is additionally found, and regulates the blood sugar in the person’s entire body. Collectively, these components generate effects very similar to those of ephedra.

Reports from individuals using the new formula Hydroxycut happen to be good. Individuals have experienced a substantial amount of weight loss inside short periods of time, while still retaining the strength to exercise and do their work. It is possible to buy Hydroxycut in almost any online pharmacy, as it really is still amongst the most widely used diet products in the industry today.

Without having ephedra, Hydroxycut has effectively developed into a unique item. Nevertheless, the completely new product is actually every bit as good as the previous variation, if not better. Individuals appear to like the thought that this new Hydroxycut works differently compared to the old one, and requires a little more devotion to exercise and eating properly.

Some other new items were launched in the market recently, attempting to become the next Hydroxycut. Individuals these days try different diet products and buy Xenical or almost every other diet pill rumored to get the job done. Even though these new weight loss pills do give you the final results you’ll need, you should always stick to one that’s trusted by oneself and by a lot of other people all over the planet. Once you buy Hydroxycut, you get a diet product that is safe and effective for weight loss.

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Xenical Capsule(s) absorbs some capital allotment of fat and calories in your pet anatomy to abstain boundless overweighting. It is consistently appropriate to booty some multivitamins tablets which accommodate vitamins like vitamin D, E and K as able-bodied while application Xenical. Xenical 120mg capsulte(s) should be taken at atomic 2 hours afore or afterwards demography Xenical Medicine. This will ensure your acceptable health.

When should we abstain demography Xenical?

Xenical (Orlistat) anesthetic should not be acclimated for pregnant, nursing or lactating mothers or if you accept any austere bloom diseases like alarmist or branch disease. You should shop for Xenical anesthetic for weight accident alone afterwards consulting your doctor or pharmacist. Xenical (Orlistat) anesthetic should not be acclimated for pregnant, nursing or lactating mothers or if you accept any austere bloom diseases like alarmist or branch disease. You should shop for Xenical anesthetic for weight accident alone afterwards consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

How continued does it booty Xenical 120mg book to starts working?

The capability and after-effects of Xenical 120mg anesthetic additionally depends on your circadian diet. You should try to abstain bistro foods that contains boundless fats and should do approved assignment outs. The after-effects of Xenical (Orlistat) can be noticed aural 2 weeks afterwards demography Xenical (Orlistat) anesthetic and you will continuously accident weight for 6 to 12 months.

Can I booty bifold dosage if I absent one dosage of Xenical (Orlistat)?
Xenical (Orlistat) anesthetic should not be acclimated for pregnant, nursing or lactating mothers or if you accept any austere bloom diseases like alarmist or branch disease. You should shop for Xenical anesthetic for weight accident alone afterwards consulting your doctor or pharmacist.. Can I booty bifold dosage if I absent one dosage of Xenical (Orlistat)?
Xenical (Orlistat) anesthetic should not be acclimated for pregnant, nursing or lactating mothers or if you accept any austere bloom diseases like alarmist or branch disease. You should shop for Xenical anesthetic for weight accident alone afterwards consulting your doctor or pharmacist..

For how continued can I use Xenical Medicine?

Orlistat Xenical 120mg anesthetic proves aural few months of in demography it. You can shop for Xenical Anesthetic consistently for weight accident for at atomic 4 years or added as directed by your doctor.

O orlistate (Lipiblock ou xenical) é indicado por especialistas, tem venda/consumo aprovados pela Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa), não prec…

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Excess accumulation of fat on the body to the extent of causing negative effects is known as obesity. A person is considered obese if his/her bodyweight is at least 20% higher than the ideal body weight. Moreover, the body mass index (BMI) should be above 30. Obesity is not only an epidemic; it is a health dilemma as well, which is known to harm the health of people all over the world. Millions of people die each year because of obesity related health conditions. An individual suffering from obesity is more susceptible to other chronic diseases than others who are not obese. The risk of developing serious health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes increase because of obesity. It is seen that people who suffer from obesity are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, stroke, certain cancers and high cholesterol.

How obesity affects your normal life?

People might find their size intimidating and this may cause discomfort to them

It is hard to fit into the clothes and seats as they are not designed for oversized people

Everyday activities such as driving, walking or climbing stairs may become painful and uncomfortable

People who suffer from obesity suffer from low morale and a negative self-image, which may harm their personal as well as their professional lives

Some people feel guilty and ashamed of their size

Some individuals suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, which leads to binge eating

Social life may be affected by negative self-image

Fatty foods and Xenical

Orlistat, marketed as Xenical, is an FDA approved prescription medication used for the treatment of obesity. Excessive calories are stored by your body when you eat, and this causes an increase in weight. Once you eat the food, it is broken down into simple components for digestion. Most weight-loss medications available on the market work on the central nervous system and the brain. They either suppress your appetite or increase your rate of metabolism. Xenical works by preventing your body from absorbing dietary fat. More than one-third of the dietary fat you eat is not digested. Fat that is not digested is eliminated from your body through bowel movements. Xenical works best in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and exercise regimen.

Losing weight is a step-by-step process. If you wish to lose weight, ensure that you consume a healthy diet and follow a good fitness regime everyday. Eat more often and drink a lot of water. It is advisable to make lifestyle alterations. You should improve your eating habits, which can be done by adding a variety of healthy foods such as green vegetables, fruits, rice, pulses and pasta. You should reduce your fat intake as much as possible and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Always prefer fresh foods to packed ones. Exercise regularly and try to hit the gym at least 4 times a week to remain healthy and fighting fit.


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While it may not be the golden bullet that rids the world of obesity, Xenical has been proven to be effective in helping many people to lose weight, particularly in promoting the metabolisation of body fat.  I’ve used these slimming tablets for the better part of a year and I can say that they helped to provide the visual stimulus to keep at my ongoing physical fitness and general better health program.  No one wants to spend hours a day working out, but moderate exercise can take a long time to show results and that’s where the weight loss pills came in for me.  I could see the pounds disappearing, making me more motivated to continue.

There are three questions that most people ask when it comes to weight loss pills.  Do they really work?  Are they safe?  Where do I get them?  The first question is the toughest to answer.  In a health-conscious world, there are literally thousands of different slimming tablets, weight loss pills and fat burning potions.  I tend to take the claims of most manufacturers with a really big grain of salt and keep in mind the fact that not every product has the same effect on every person.  However, there is a prescription medication called Xenical (Orlistat) that has been shown to cause the body to target fat reserves as fuel, leading to weight loss.  As to how safe Xenical is and where you can obtain it, the answer to both questions boils down to TheOnlineClinic.

As a patient-focused web site, is a one stop location for medical consultation, diagnosis and prescription.  The safest way to take weight loss pills, or any other medication, is to do so under medical supervision instead of taking matters into your own hands.  TheOnlineClinic provides a free consultation service that takes your desires and health into consideration.  If a prescription (such as for Xenical) is warranted, one of TheOnlineClinic’s doctors signs for a prescription and you are able to order the drug.  It’s safe, discrete and cost effective.  You even have the option of having your own GP notified of the prescription.

Xenical may not work for everyone, but it is more likely to be effective when prescribed and administered under medical supervision.  By using TheOnlineClinic, you have access to prescription weight loss pills and other medications, with the confidence of knowing a doctor has reviewed your information.

About the Author:

Adam Rane is a blogger from Liverpool who has chronicled his five year battle to lose weight, covering everything from his participation in the Virgin London Marathon to his experiences with various weight loss pills.  Like millions of other people, Adam has discovered that there is no magic pill and permanent weight loss is difficult to sustain without exercise.  However, he has seen positive results with slimming tablets that helped to make a noticeable difference in taking off the weight, providing the motivation to kickstart and maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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The fight against obesity is difficult, frustrating and for many, its a fight that takes a lot out of them. If you are one of those who have worked hard at losing weight by trying all sorts of diets and exercise regimens, and still haven’t lost weight or have failed to maintain weight loss, you might just need an added fillip to your weight loss efforts. This can be in the form of Xenical, a prescription weight loss pill.

What is Xenical orlistat?

These slimming pills have been developed for the sole purpose of helping you lose weight. Typically, prescribed for people who have a BMI of 30 and above the pills can also be prescribed for those who have a BMI of 27 or more and also suffer from associated health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. Its a medication that is tolerated well by most people, but needs to be taken according to the doctors instructions. The effect of this weight loss pill can be further enhanced if its taken with a reduced calorie diet and if you also follow a strict exercise regimen.

How does Xenical orlistat work?

At its core, this medication is a fat blocker. Its active ingredient ‘orlistat’ is a lipase inhibitor. It inhibits the action of gastric and pancreatic lipases that are responsible for the breaking down of fat into its smallest components. This helps the body absorb the fat easily and without any problems. The action of orlistat prevents the breakdown and subsequent absorption of fat. This undigested fat is removed from the body through its natural bowel movements.

What is the obesity treatment with Xenical?

Its a prescription medication and has shown great results on most people who have used it for weight loss. If taken in the right dosage and the way its meant to be taken, there is every chance that its going to work for you. A 120mg dosage of Xenical should be taken during each main meal of the day. It can also be taken up to an hour after a meal. Also, its important that you get started on a diet that only offers your body 30% calories from fat. This way you are making sure that you make the best use of the medication.

Any side effects of the medication?

Like any other prescription medication, even Xenical has certain side effects. As this medication only works in the digestive system, most of its side effects are linked to changes in your bowel movements. If you are taking Xenical some of the side effects that you can suffer from include an increased urgency of bowel movements, an increase in bowel movements, flatulence with oil spotting, fatty or loose stools, and an inability to control bowel movements. These side effects can last for up to six months after beginning treatment. The one way you can control these side effects is by reducing the intake of fat from your diet.

This pill is definitely a good idea if you want to lose weight and also maintain your weight loss. But you must be wary of overdoing the use of the tablet. Taking more than the required dosage of the medication isn’t a good idea and hasn’t been shown to offer better results. Use it right and experience its benefits.


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People believe that weight problems only brings about bodily problems. They disregard the truth that it may also result in psychological health concerns. Obesity is actually a health-related situation that requirements long-term treatment method programs to enhance diet program and retain weight loss. One of the most effective strategies to deal with this situation is via suitable diet program, great exercise, and combining these using the correct dietary dietary supplements. This can be

why most people buy Xenical or Alli.

The way to monitor weight problems

Your body Mass Index (BMI)is the romantic relationship among your top and pounds. A typical pounds really should have an eighteen.5-24.nine BMI. A BMI of 25 signifies youare chubby; if it really is thirty or far more, then you’re officially overweight. Obesity could lead to critical wellness problems. It may lead to heart and respiratory diseases and could also lead to psychological circumstances like melancholy and lack of self-esteem.

What’s Xenical?

Xenical or Orlistat is actually a popular weight loss capsule. It assists stop about one-third of the extra fat and unhealthy oil existing within the food items you consume. Xenical functions within the intestine by blocking the method of lipase, an enzyme that breaks down dietary fats. The body won’t take in the unhealthy fats, getting rid of them via bowel actions.

Who could buy Xenical?

– People who lost around 2.5 to 3kg of their total weigh through dietary programs and increased physical activities within one month.

– You must be between 18 and 75 years of age.

– People with body mass index (BMI) of 28 kg/m2 or more with significant co-morbidities like type 2 diabetes.

– People with body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or more with or without associated co-morbidities.

– People with high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

What’s Alli?

Alli is actually a dietary dietary supplement that also aids people in reaching weight loss.

It is made by significant pharmaceutical firm, GlaxoSmithKline. This diet program capsule is frequently readily available without a doctor’s prescription. You can buy it online or over the counter.

Why buy Alli?

This capsule also aims to decrease the body’s fat absorption or block 25 percent of unhealthy extra fat within your entire body. Its unique method of obstructing lipase can stop working triglycerides within your body. This method assists stop unhealthy extra fat absorption. You can also buy Alli online or over the counter.

Significant things to consider

There’s really nothing at all wrong if you would like to have a ideal shape. Obviously, everyone desires to look great. Remember even though that taking dietary pills is just not sufficient to obtain the outcomes which you want. It also requirements tough function and becoming constant with the changes like suitable diet program and healthy exercise. It is also crucial to consult your physician before you buy Xenical, Alli, or any other dietary supplements.